Face Mask Friday Round #5

Wow. A whole week between posting, that is some crazy shit (excuse the language). College work has seriously taken over my life, I've been writing assignment after assignment to get my Business coursework up to a distinction. Yep you heard right, a distinction and that is massive for someone who usually gets the boring old C's and a few B's! There's one assignment left and that'll be done extremely soon, I hope. Eek. But in the name of Fridays it is definitely time for a face mask!

As per usual it's another Montagne Jeunesse face mask, I'm loving how cheap they are in ASDA at the moment! I bought four, meaning to take them to my friends, which I did but we decided after stuffing our faces with sweets, chocolate and really cheesy Doritos it was time to hit Welly! Again. Back to the mask yes? This mud pac was actually pretty decent and I'm not one for mud face masks usually, unless I'm bored and want to pull faces in the mirror that is.. How childish am I really? Ha. The packaging describes the scent to be "Dead Sea" err, what does a dead sea smell like? A little question here, you know when you're buying softner for your clothes (or when your parents do..) have you ever wondered what a black diamond, or soft glass smells like? I mean come on, how do these OBJECTS smell!? 

Tangent again, can tell I haven't been blogging for a while! The texture was so so soft, it felt like I was moisturising my face however it didn't set too well. Maybe that's because I was in the bath (the face mask is off now) and the moist air maybe had something to do with the lack of settlement, I'm unsure. Never mind, after having a nice relaxing soak and washing this off my face was instantly smooth; my impurities are slowly dying down too which is an added bonus!

The only disappointing thing about this mask is the fact it's not a royal blue like it shows on the packaging, some of you may be thinking why do you want royal blue? Well you see I am obsessed with the new app Snapchat, it is hella amusing! So could you imagine my little bright blue face being sent to my friends? HA! They'd love it. Instead it was this light baby blue like shade, boring! 

Any recommendations as to where I can get some different masks from? 


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