Face Mask Friday Round #4

Hello! This is up a little bit later than I originally wanted it to be, but hey it's up and that's the main thing. I know I said I wasn't going to be using another Montagne Jeunesse face mask but I have, they're too good to resist, also with a girly night coming up for £1 you can't go wrong! Fruit Smoothie definitely is a fruit smoothie on your face minus the bits, the raspberry and mango scent had such a relaxing edge. It's not too over-powering nor is it too subtle it's just the right amount to let you kick back and relax.

The texture is creamy unlike some I've tried, it felt like I was moisturising my face but the mask was sinking into my pores doing it's thing by deeply cleansing my pores. Once the mask was on I instantly felt relaxed, not knowing it would harden to the point it did amused me far too much, if I wasn't in the bath whilst I had the mask on I'd have probably done another silly video through my mac, but hey I was in relax mode after how bad my back is. (My best friend didn't believe I was 7 stone and quite light, so when he picked me up to throw me on the sofa I struggled and he dropped me funnily on my back) - Bad best friend. 

After using the white chocolate mask my skin has been playing me up so much, one minute it's too sensitive for make up and stings at the instant moisturiser touches my face, the next my skin is extremely dry or I'm breaking out. But using this mask has helped subside the little irritants with the help of my new face products - more on that soon. This is definitely a mask I will use in the future! 

Many thanks to Heather for painting my nails during dinner! 
Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate in Brit Pop £4.49 via Boots


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