Face Mask Friday Round #2

Currently as you're reading this I am wearing another Montagne Jeunesse face mask, Dragon Fruit Sauna "skin sizzling cleanse." I decided to pick up a heated one for a change, but to be honest it's not doing too much heating although it smells exceptionally nice, I guess that makes up for the non-heating..
How cute is my bedding seriously!?

The texture is quite gooey, thick but quite creamy as you expect from a mask (except a mud mask), when applying I feel like it goes on quite well but there's so much product in that little sachet I got bored and decided to smoother it onto all my 'problem' areas. Y'know the forehead, nose, chin? Them places. Apparently dragon fruit is really good for the skin, both on the face and eating it; when eating the fruit it's supposed to have some anti-ageing effect.. Now, being 18 and never haven eaten dragon fruit before right now it's an untested myth for me! (You know me and my myths) Kiwi smells gorgeous too! So with both these delightful smelly fruity's on my face I'll be quite happy if I do have nourished skin once the mask is off! 

Definitely loving the bug look in this photo. 

My face does feel pretty refreshed now it's off but the downside to this mask, and it's for personal reasons! My eye has gotten/gone blood shot and now swelling, always happens whenever I put something too 'exotic' shall we say on my face. Even though the heat didn't really work too well with this mask I'd definitely purchase it again just because of how smooth and refreshed my face feels! 

Any recommendations for another face mask? 


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