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Ever had a companies randomly follow you on Twitter but you've not really paid much attention to them as they always seem to retweet someone else or just be a pain? Well that was my first initial thought when I had five companies follow me overnight, until I decided to check them out and one of them was Dirty Dolly Designs, their jewellery is definitely one of a kind and something that's right up my street! (Ha, a bit of Cheryl Cole there)

Now I'm not really a fan of jewellery, for some reason I just don't wear it a lot. I've even stopped wearing my Pandora bracelets, a part from the string Pandora bracelet and heart ring but they're a different story. So, back to Dirty Dolly Designs they jewellery is really something new to me and I love it. As I'm not a big jewellery fan I've picked three favourites out of their range which I would definitely purchase I'm even contemplating it!

Firstly, the Heart of Wood necklace is so lovely and I would like to say delicate but for me it's gives that vibe of the indie/grunge element, I don't know why but that's my personal opinion. This would look lovely dressing up a LBD for a night out to Welly (club in my home town), I love the geometrical design within the heart, and how it's not a 'perfect' heart but so edgy. If you're not a fan of gold then you can still purchase this but with a silver chain!

To follow on with the wooden theme I seem to have taken a fancy to the Triangle bracelet, I have a necklace from Topshop that my friend bought me for my birthday which is also a triangle as it symbolises fire. The element of my zodiac sign, so what's not best to follow on with this walnut triangle gold plated bracelet?

I've wanted a top with the Hamsa Hand on for so long but every time I go to purchase one they're either out of stock in all sizes or just my size alone. So, I've got my eye on the next best thing this black beaded Hamsa Hand bracelet, once again the black beads give it that grungy gothic look but the brass Hamsa Hand definitely shows off the girly cultural feel.

Did I forget to mention all the jewellery are at purse friendly prices?
Heart of Wood necklace - £9.00
Triangle bracelet - £6.00
Hamsa Hand bracelet - £5.00

Follow their Twitter for updates, offers and give-aways you could get your hands on something you love!

What do you think about Dirty Dolly Designs? Are they new you too?



  1. I really adore the wooden heart necklace, think that might be going on my wishlist too!

    lovely blog by the way missy,
    I'm having a MAC lipstick giveaway over at my blog - http://haul-oholic.blogspot.no/
    if you fancy checking it out!

    Toodles x

    1. That's my favourite!

      Ooh, thank you!


  2. I've never heard of it before but they're twitter is definitely being followed :') xxx

    1. I hadn't heard of them before they followed me, they've got some really nice things! I see you're on the mac;)


    2. I really like them,, may get a few bits :) and yes I am :')! xxx


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