Competition Time

Competitions are everyone's favourite right? We always want to win something, even if it's a Cadbury Creme Egg (or is that just me?) Well anyway, Lashes of London are holding an amazing competition right now on their Facebook page! If you don't know Lashes of London - don't worry I only heard of them today and have seriously become a hideous wreck needing to purchase EVERYTHING. Then definitely check out there website; as we're all Topshop fanatics we all know it's true there's no point in hiding anymore, I'm sure you'll love to hear from the 5th May in-store and online will be Lashes EDIT. This is definitely something I'm excited see!

Going back to the competition, if you enter via their Facebook page you could win two amazing dresses! The Eliza Tie Dye Sequin Bodycon (£60) and the Passarella Glitter Mesh Prom Dress (£65), what's not to love? Entering a competition and winning not one, but two dresses that are absolutely gorgeous.

What are you waiting for!? ENTER NOW! 


  1. Just been looking through your blog (which is fab by the way!), and you have so many posts. Such a frequent blogger... i like! :D

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

    1. Thank you so so much! It really does mean the world to me!



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