Blanx Teeth Whitening Process

Hello lovelies! If you've read post about Blanx White Shock Formula you'll have notice I'm trying to get my teeth whiter, and what's the best product on the high street right now? Blanx that's who/what. So after using this product for two weeks I have only noticed a tiny considerable amount of change, but I expected that, why? Well my teeth are close to white, they're not perfect but I brush 3 times a daily seven times a week, I floss and use mouthwash, also visiting the dentist regularly. So it was a bit of a trail and error using a teeth whitening paste; nevertheless I'm still pretty happy with the results.

The paste itself doesn't have a strong over the top minty taste unlike some toothpastes I've come across, nor does it burn instead it's quite soothingly minty leaving the mouth feeling fresh and clean. Have you noticed some toothpastes leave the gritty feel behind, that's something I absolutely hate! But I haven't come across that whilst using Blanx - definitely a bonus.

I wouldn't rule out purchasing more products from Blanx, I've even considered purchasing the Blanx White Shock Toothpaste with LED Light, maybe it'll make an ever better difference. The one thing I have noticed and I'm not sure if that's just my retainer, my teeth are becoming more sensitive than normal in the morning, but like I say that could just be me putting my retainer in earlier so it's in for longer. 

Have you tried this? Do you know if there are any whitening products I could pop into my retainer?


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