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Previously for my brows I'd use my Real Techniques Starter Kit brow brush and the brown from my Orion shade Rimmel London GlamEyes Trio-Eyeshadow palette, however after purchasing the sleek Benefit Brow Zing a few days and only trying it twice over the weekend, it's safe to say I can write a review on this product already. Combining the wax and powder together my eyebrows stayed intact for 11 hours, yep that's right 11 hours. How amazing is that? Ok it's a bit grufty to even think I had my make up on for that long but seriously I'm impressed, and have been in work mode all weekend so the last thing on my mind is make up. 

Firstly the packaging, the box is ever so light with the product name in a swirly font decorating the box. It's actually quite a 'grown up' packaging style if you get me? Very Benefit but very sophisticated. How amazing are the miniature brushes and tweezers though!? Seriously if anyone has got this, how wonderful do they work? I love mine, you'd think with how small they are they'd be difficult to hold and use, but I actually found it easier to use each of these three tools than I do my larger Real Technique brushes.. 

To prepare my brows, I quickly brush through with my Rimmel London brow application, apply a small amount of wax with the hard angle brush to both brows, however leaving a slight gap at the beginning of my brows. I really dislike the fully covered brow. Once the wax is on, I apply the medium shaded powder with the blending brush, soon to tweeze away any stray hairs with the mini tweezers. 

I'm so impressed with the results from this kit, it's definitely something I'd continue to repurchase. Although I'm not a fan of the hefty price tag it's definitely worth it, I can't see it running out any time soon either, especially with 11 hours wear! Definitely the heads up for when I'm out socialising. 

Do you love Benefit make-up? What's your favourite?


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  1. I love this product! I got mine almost a year ago and it's just about to run out so it does last a long time! And I wear it everyday. By far the best eyebrow product I have ever used! :)
    Nicole xx


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