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Instead of doing individual posts on what I've purchased each day or whenever I do purchase things, I decided to put them all together in this post. Except for one, which I will be reviewing as it's such a dream of a product!

I've always been a bit of a bleached look jeans girl but never really wore them, until now that is, I've recently purchased some as I really have missed wearing this shade and I feel like they give a more summery look to an outfit, as it's not summer yet I think I've got these jeans just in time! 

Rimmel London as you already know is a huge favourite brand of mine, and this palette was the first branded eyeshadow palette I ever purchased, however this specific one is my second! It's become one of my key pieces for going out and the occasional day time wear, I cannot explain how much I love this product but I am hoping to try a few more eyeshadows and experiment more with colours! It has amazing staying power and the product itself actually lasts months. Staying on with Rimmel my favourite eyeliner, I previously tried Barry M's eyeliner marker pen but we just don't get on (I can't seem to apply it properly) so I stick with my pencil liner. The soft khol really is soft and doesn't sting my eyes when applying on the water line, it also has amazing staying power but I have noticed it does tend to smudge slightly during the higher heat (rarely occurs in the UK anyway). 

6th April my friend and I were planning what make up I need for my birthday weekend, and she convinced me to finally purchase I blush but to get a 'cheap' one in case I didn't like it. She'd used 17 Blush before and convinced me into getting one after swatching countless of blushes! To be honest, I have red cheeks whether or not I have foundation on so it doesn't make much of a different, but it's light and when applied properly instead of me rushing it, it actually looks really nice! 

BB and CC creams are the raved products recently. After reading several reviews about L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream I decided to give it a go, I'll be doing a review on this soon as I think it needs a proper review. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB could become my everyday foundation, I've noticed I apply so much make up when I'm out and definitely needed a foundation which would allow my skin to breath but cover up my face (I'm not too keen on going to college without make up). Hopefully I'll love this, the swatch seemed great but will it look as great when it's on my face completely? We'll soon see! 

For some bizarre reason I've only got about 4 tops, so recently I've been shopping around looking for some new summer tops. I came across the Topshop vest a few weeks back but never purchased it until the other day, I'm quite excited to wear it as it's one of those tops that just seem to be a chilled back but quite in your face look. I also purchased an orange and white vest top, wondering why there isn't a picture? Well I've got it on! But it's uber comfortable and I love it. 

Make up brushes, we all love and use them right? Wrong, last week was the first time I ever purchased a proper set of brushes that I actually needed. I have a powder brush from Boots and a few small eyeshadow applicators, that was all I needed until I finally decided to purchase the Real Technique Starter Set, and I'm so glad I did! I think I may do a review on these as they are slowly becoming my favourite brushes. Also, EcoTools (Flat Foundation and Blush Brush) has always played on my mind I loved the look of them and the reviews they got but never really thought of purchase them until I needed some brushes for the nights out I knew I'd be having. I can say I'm thoroughly impressed with all of the brushes and can't wait to purchase more! 

Have you purchased anything new recently? 


  1. I really love those jeans! Looks like you got some fab goodies xx

    1. They're so comfortable, Leigh jeans are my absolute favourite from Topshop!



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