Problematic Hair Colour?

As you know I dyed my hair a while back and it was supposed to last for 28 washes. The last time I dyed my hair plum using a semi-permanent hair dye it lasted less than 28 washes, which for me wasn't a problem and I was hoping to achieve that once again this time round. Oh how wrong could I be, the outcome was absolutely beautiful, loved it I loved how dark it was however now, it's a horrible dry red, brown and purple colour not something I'm too happy about. Now I've stripped my hair in the past, not something I recommend anyone to do as my hair was in a horrible state and instead of taking me back to my natural colour like it deemed to on the box it turned my bright orange. No not ginger, orange.

Wondering why I'm writing this post? Well you see, I didn't want to put another dye on top of this colour considering I've done that in the past and mixed colours aren't exactly the best thing since sliced bread. Scouring the internet I came across this website of all the DIY methods of stripping hair, well me being the little dare devil I am I've given the crushed vitamin C method a go. I tested it on a strip of my hair but after the washing the mixture out and losing the strip, I don't really know how it went. So currently as I'm writing this my hair is covered in the crushed vitamin C paste, rock hard and smelling disgusting, I'm hoping it'll work as if not I will give in to temptations and dye my hair light brown. 

The one photo I forgot to take was what the paste looked like, but I have my reasons. Once you add water and stir it dries pretty fast so I didn't really have much time to take a photo. Crushing the vitamins was pretty hard, as you can see I purchased them from Asda for around £4.50 (expensive!) and actually cut them into halves, then quarters and so on until, I could crush the remnants with an old tea spoon. It really does take time and I am feeling a bit like Pop-Eye in my right arm from all the crushing. Once it's crushed, add water and stir. I didn't know how much to add so I kept on adding little bits until the mixture was paste like then covered my full hair in it. 

It's disgusting, honestly it is horrible. The smell is vile, the feeling of the mixture whilst rubbing it into the hair (I say using your hands is best) is absolutely yuck! Then washing it off your hands, ew minging. I've left it on for an hour, after washing the mixture out of my hair I'll be putting my trusty Toni&Guy Nourish Reconstruction mask on for five minutes and finally blow drying. Then you'll get to see the results - if there is any! 

If I'm honest I'm quite happy with the result, although you're meant to use this method on hair that has been recently dyed I think it's done a pretty amazing job. I'd recommend testing a few strands of hair first before doing the full head, and maybe if you have a few of those Ted Baker body sprays possibly spray that in. It may help dampen the awful vitamin C smell that comes with the hair, even after several products my hair STINKS. I was getting a little tired taking the photos and resorted to my flash on the last photo, my hair is a ginger tone but slightly brown, it's quite natural.

What do you think, will you try this? 



  1. That's AMAZING! I'd never heard of this, but I'll definitely bear this in mind. Thanks Beth, great tip :)

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. It's such a good little method, but I'd definitely recommend a test. Such a bargain too!


  2. This is so cool! I love how you can use this to get rid of a hair colour if you don't like it :)


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