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Yesterday my boyfriend and I went for a walk to shop, he didn't know I was planning on having a long walk around the Boots nearby to my house. Now as said before my boyfriend is the best for picking shades for my face, he's the one who always looks at me so who's better to be picking the right shades? He even swatches the shades on him! At one point he put some bright red, I mean bright red lipstick on his lips and tried kissing my cheek, the other female customer was not amused. Less of the babbling and more on what I bought! Currently Boots are holding a 3 for 2 offer across the majority of their beauty range, something I surely did take advantage of.

Juicy Papaya has been on my birthday list for quite a while, so I'll thank my boyfriend for finally finding it in the Boots store near to my house. It's such a sheer natural shade that can be worn for any occasion, it's such a lovely shade; as you can see from my swatch it really does work well with my skin tone. I can't describe this shade enough I absolutely adore it, it's like wearing a lip balm with that added bit of colour to it, which in this strange winter weather within the spring season is definitely needed for those dry lips! Speaking of dry lips, my lips haven't been all that dry whilst wearing these Revlon Lip Butters, so thank you Revlon! 

Wild Watermelon really makes my day, I wore it for mine and my boyfriends weekly trip to cinema on Wednesday to see The Host (it's amazing - go see it!) and as a little trick, he decided to put the dried out garlic bread I'd previously cooked us in my coat - not funny at all. Which led to a very small angry girl, with this shade being so vibrant my boyfriend said to me "Please don't wear that colour again, you look angrier than you actually are" now that can either be bad or good, right? But in my situation I was angry so I'll take that as a positively good thing! I can't wait to wear this when I go out for my birthday, wearing all black with vibrant lips and accessories what can go wrong? 

I have four shades out of twenty-one. Let's hope this offer isn't on for too long before I purchase them all! 

Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butters £7.99 - link



  1. Juicy Papaya is perfect for summer!! I actually think it suits your skin tone quite well by the look of the swatch.. :)

    1. It's the most reliable shade I have at the moment, it definitely is one for the summer!



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