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Another day another Lush sample, after trying the Skin Drink moisturiser I didn't have much hope for the British Nanny. But oh how wrong was I? It doesn't seem to smell, there's not really a scent to it or maybe that's because my blocked nose really is completely blocked.. The texture of it is smooth and extremely soft, at first it was slightly greasy but once it was fully soaked in (within a matter of seconds!) it was no longer greasy. I completely agree with the write up from Lush themselves "Like any good nanny, this cream will shield you and protect you from harm, with SPF30 to give you some protection from the sun, almond and hibiscus oils to give you vitamins C and E. British Nanny has an array of lovely ingredients to moisturise and hydrate, including shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, starflower oil, hibiscus seed oil and candelilla wax. So don't leave home without it." I'm not a fan of just wearing cream whilst outside, I do like to wear my make up when I'm out and about however if I was just walking to shops and not really making a day of anything I think this product would be amazing.

The one thing I do dislike about this product is the price, £25.95 per 45g that's not something I'm willing to purchase unless my skin gets extremely bad. Right now, I'm quite happy with my sample I think it'll do for now however once it's gone it's most definitely gone. I would love to purchase this product however at the price that's ridiculous, sorry Lush but lower your price before you try to tempt me into purchasing!

British Nanny Moisturiser £25.95/45g - link
Do you use this product or something similar?

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