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The first moisturiser I have tried out of my samples is Skin Drink. I must say applying it is like any other moisturiser, nothing special, it does say to use gentle upwards strokes whilst rubbing into the skin for me this is didn't work. So I applied it like I would any other moisturiser, rubbing it into the skin with circular motions which seemed to work well. The product itself isn't greasy or heavy which is a massive bonus, but when touching my face it feels slimy not sure I'm liking that too much but I don't always touch my face, I think I'm just being too curious. 

Now for the downside, the smell is AWFUL. It smells like lavender and salad mixed into one, for starters I hate lavender with a huge passion, seriously this passion is bigger than the world that's how much I hate it. As for the salad part I like to eat it not smell like it thanks Lush.. The description of the scent for the Skin Drink Moisturiser is as follows "The cream is based on organic sesame oil, almond oil, evening primrose oil and cocoa butter - we have then added fresh avocados and aloe vera. Sesame oil is a lovely thick oil to nourish the skin - but does have a strong nutty smell. So we have complimented this with an infusion of fresh rose petals, rose absolute and neroli essential oil." For me that sounds horrendous but I'm not too sure if I'm just being biased because of the stench which appears to be lingering on my face.

Yesterday my skin felt soft and smooth, however now that I have my Nivea Night Cream on (I've written this review over two nights) I feel like this is moisturising my skin more. I'm not putting off trying the Skin Drink once more, but right now it's not for me.

Skin Drink Moisturiser £11.95/45g - link

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