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The final sample of them all, in fact to tell the truth I wasn't looking forward to trying this as seaweed gives me the creeps weird I know but it happens. But to be honest it's not all that bad, seaweed aside it's a pretty neat face mask it's slightly clay like but every so creamy. I don't know if that's a good way to try to describe a mask but this really is a lovely mask. 

The honey, seaweed and aloe vera combination soothes and softens the skin which when you think about seaweed you think grease right? Or is that just me? Well, there's no grease involved! The slight mixture of olive oil diminishes the grease allowing the mask to moisturise the face. Each ingredient makes that little bit of difference, especially with the state my face was let me emphasise was in, yes my face in horrible red blotchy state but now just in time for my birthday it's looking good even if I must say so myself. The red blotchiness was slightly visible tonight but after using BB Seaweed the fresh rose petals and rose absolute reduce the redness, which was needed to finally get my face back to normal! I can say after one use of this fresh face mask my face lost all redness and was back to it's usual plain old self with a hint of red in the cheeks. Not only does this mask aim to reduce redness, soothe and soften the face, the ground almonds, millet flakes and kaolin hold together all the ingredients so when the mask is washed off it's also exfoliating and removing the dead skin. 

For me the BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask receives a massive thumbs up. Even though it's made for men in mind - mainly for after shaving; this mask is great for when you're in need of a great pamper, which is exactly what I had tonight all ready for my birthday meal out with my parents tomorrow. 

BB Seawead Fresh Face Mask £5.95/45g - link

What's your favourite face mask? 

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