Liebster Award Nomination

The lovely Kate from Just Pirouette and Carry On - link has nominated me for the Liebster award; being new to the blogging world and having such a friendly follower like Kate has always pushed me to continue blogging, even on the days I've looked at my view count and felt like giving up. Every comment I receive from her is appreciated it, and Kate if you are reading this thank you so much you are a dream follower!

Kate's asked me the following questions and be sure to read my answers!

1. What was the first single or album you owed?
It would have to either be Will Smith's single "Switch" or a Spice Girls album. I'm unsure on which, or it could even be a NOW 40 something!

2. What do you have recurring dreams about?
I have two. Readers don't vom, please. My wedding day with my boyfriend, I never see the detail of my dress or his suit, it's just our smiles, looking directly into his eyes and saying the words "I do." Afterwards we kiss and are still happy, it's always so short but makes my mornings that little bit brighter. The second is quite freaky, I'm laid in bed awake (within my dream) feeling like I'm falling but I'm able to move around on my bed, I start to cry and panic as I don't understand where I am. When I wake up, it's usually my Dad cuddling me trying to wake me up as I've been sleep walking or I've slept somewhere odd in the house..

3. What was your nickname at school, and why?
"Beefy" throughout primary school as I loved beef, seriously. If it wasn't in my sandwiches I was having it for tea or for my dinner when they served it. Then throughout secondary school it was "Beffy/Beffie" as my friend was called Bethaney to differentiate from the two of us I was "Beffy/Beffie" and she was "Betny." Now it's just plain "Bethy" to some people.

4. Have you ever had road rage?
I don't drive legally anyway, but in my driving lessons if someone if tail gating me I do get a bit mad.

5. What can't you leave the house without?
My hair tie and watch, seriously. I could leave without my phone, iPod, anything but a hair tie and my watch. Without them I feel so lost, the amount of times I've tied my hair up when I'm working is unreal, it just ends up in this huge mess but I feel confident about my work. The watch, it's sort of a thing I NEED to have it on my wrist or my right wrist feels so empty as I always have my string Pandora friendship bracelet on my left.

6. What song can you sing from start to finding without checking the words?
Eminem - Smack That / Mockingbird / Cleaning Out My Closet / Superman / Yellow Brick Road (I am a pro at rap)
Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel Air

7. Ever chatted up a stranger?
Yes, my current boyfriend. I didn't do it to his face, so god save me there. Basically I asked him for the bus times (I already knew them as I was looking at the timetable), I told him how 'beautiful' he looked in his BBM photo (yes I know, cringe) - I'd just basically ditched his best friend - oh dear. I wouldn't stop complimenting him, I had this weird thing about me I was deadly attracted to him! I guess something worked other than my smile because 23 months later we're still going strong!

8. What's your Wu Tang name?
Voilent Toilet Thing (I laughed a lot on the bus seeing this)

9. Have you ever danced on the tables?
Frankly, I can say I haven't but next Friday and Saturday (12/13th April) I'm going round town for my 18th birthday so maybe that will change! Let's hope not..

10. Where's your happy place?
My bathroom, it's so relaxing and calm. I could sit in there for hours, whenever I'm upset I'll just take over the bathroom and chill out, plus it's always warm in there so that's an added bonus. If my Dad's out I'll just lie in his bed and go to sleep (his bed is the comfiest bed I have ever laid on!) Being somewhere that's just so homely and close to my Dad makes me happy.

11. Can you do the Macarena?
Can I? Silly question, I am a female of course I can!



  1. Ahhhh, Beth! Of COURSE I'm reading this! What a lovely thing to say, you brought a little tear to my eye :) You know I think your blog is wonderful, you do know that right? :)

    I LOVE it that you rap along! And I think it's super sweet that you dream about your wedding, what a pain that you can't see your dress though eh?

    And I think our birthday's might be pretty close together too....mine's the 15th...hope you have a brilliant night out! Get up and dance on those tables!

    Kate xxx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. You are lovely!

      It really is a pain not seeing the dress but it's such a lovely dream to wake up to most mornings. Mines the 7th (tomorrow!) but seen as it's a Sunday I'm out the next weekend, the tables are calling my name Kate!



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