Four Samples from Lush

Yesterday I popped into Lush to purchase some of the skin care products I mentioned that I'd like to try, in hope for a new face regime . But the lovely staff at Lush stopped that from happening, confuse you a little did I there? Well they are a huge help in the Lush Hull, the female assistant gave me four samples to help me find the right product for me. Considering we're talking about the face here it's important we get the right products, otherwise we are in major trouble with the bank from all the products we'd be purchasing to 'fix' ourselves!

So instead of going in and purchasing the masks I thought I would, I came out with Oatifix Fresh Face Mask, BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask (this was on my list!), British Nanny Moisturiser and finally Skin Drink Moisturiser. Over this week and next I'll be testing these products to find what's right for my face!


  1. Wow, I have a Lush fetish. What's Skin Drink like?
    My Beauty Junction

    1. I'm about to try it right now! So I'll be writing up a review over the next day :)



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