Does Turning 18 Really Change You?

For some strange reason I've been thinking of changing my style, such as my make up (slowly occurring), how I dress and my hair colour. Now I'm not thinking drastic changes, just slight more 'adult like' ways of styling myself; I've come to terms with preferring natural coloured hair, whether it be a dyed 'natural' colour or a o'natural colour, so I'm thinking another hair dye could be on the cards, researching into how to strip my hair without using harmful products or just leaving my hair to grow like I did for two years.

In clothing terms and the more 'adult look' I mean I don't want to look like a 14/15 year old (which people seem to think I am!) I'd like to look slightly more sophisticated, so maybe then more people would realise I'm 18 rather than a few years less. It's difficult to describe the way I'd like to dress from now on as I'm a very difficult person to dress, I like plain, patterns and bright colours really frighten me in a way. I like to be the girl who nobody notices if that makes sense? So I don't tend to wear bright colours unless it's summer but even then I wore black dresses/skirts last summer!

Living with my Dad from the age of 8 has always been great, he's my best friend and I couldn't have asked for a better upbringing, but then there's the downside I never had anyone teach me how to apply make up or how to choose shades that compliment my skin. To tell you the truth, I only recently started to know more about beauty when I started searching for fashion/beauty blogs, from then on I've had a slight idea on how I should present myself in terms of make up. But I did do silly things such as plaster myself in make up thinking I looked great, even my Dad told me off for wearing so much; he's the one person that always reminded me less is more which is the approach I've slowly taken to now. I've ditched the matte look and go for a more 'free' look, by that I mean I allow my skin to breath which reduced the lovely yellow and white headed friends!

To let you in on a little secret, I've only recently bought myself a proper make up brush set and the night I went out for my birthday my friend taught me how to use them! See 18 years of age and learning new things already. But the more I think about how I'm hoping to change, the more I'm wondering if me turning 18 is really the factor here, just because I'm legally an adult does that mean I have to act more mature in the terms of beauty and fashion?

Did/has anyone else gone through this stage when turning a specific age? 


  1. I have to say, I was the same. My eighteenth year was when I changed most. Not just in looks but my whole personality changed and I completely grew up. It's a great age and now I'm 21 I look back on the changes fondly. If it wasn't for my eighteenth year I wouldn't have blonde hair, I wouldn't be this interested in makeup and I wouldn't have the friends and boyfriend I have today! I think it's only natural to want to change as you are growing up and it's always good to change your style and hair to spruce things up abit!! xx

    1. I'm feeling like I'm growing up too, I'm focusing so much more on my education and giving it my all. It's so lovely knowing this is more of a 'natural' thing to do, rather than me feeling like I have to change! I've noticed I've grown closer to my close friends and made some new ones in the matter of two weekends whilst going out. Aaah! You went blonde, my dream hair colour just too afraid as being a natural brown haired girl going to such a light shade eee scary



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