Birthday Time!

As you all know it's my 18th birthday (finally), I have received the most amazing gifts ever seriously so much thought has gone into every single present I've opened today. My meal at Nando's with my parents was amazing - I didn't have time to take photos of the food as I was starving! The cake was so cute, a little dry but my god the icing don't even go there it was delicious; finally seeing my ever so beautiful boyfriend tonight for a couple hours was the final greatness I needed to complete my birthday until I party hard (does that sound chav like? Sorry) next weekend with my friend.

Before I share my presents and cake, I'd just like to say a massive thank you to my stepdad Martin. Without him I highly doubt any of this would have been pulled off, even though he passed away when I was 12 every year when my Mum has bought me lavish gifts I know he's bought me them too (sorry Dave if you're reading this but it's true), without the money he left behind for us I have no idea how I or my Mum would afford these gifts. So Martin, thank you for everything I know you'll be up there proud of how I've turned out. Love you.

Present and cake time? I think so!

How lovely is the cake!? I hate the colour pink and I was dreading I'd end up with a pink cake but I love this green and cream one! Also, not shown in these pictures is the wine my friend Poppy bought me, debating whether to drink it during the week or when we pre-drink at hers, hmm.. Decisions.

What would your dream cake be? 

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  1. Happy Birthday! :D
    You got some amazing gifts!


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