Benefit Fake Up Crease Control Hydrating Concealer

The odd blog I've come across every now and then since early April has had a little review on Benefit's Fake Up, some of the reviews sold me but then again some didn't. I didn't really understand what the hype was about but that was until I got my hands on the product, and I can say it is actually not bad but would I buy again? I don't know.


Rubbed In

First things first, the packaging is quite neat and I'm going to say it get over, funky.. (cringe) I love the swirling pattern on the actual boxed packaging itself, who knew it would have so much hidden inside it!? As per Benefit have made the packaging seem that far up in the terms of packaging, the product has to beat it, but without a doubt if you'd never seen what the concealer actually looked like you'd think the concealer packaging would be the same as the boxed packaging. Oh how wrong you are, the mirror effect really is divine (but also a pain to photograph!) it looks quite like a tacky lipstick from the outside but pretty at the same time.. 

Enough about the packaging, what's inside? Well, surprise surprise I thought it'd be the concealer alone like the majority of brands seem to do, but the lovely little "Tips & Tricks Instant Beauty" booklet really is quite cute. Not only does it tell you the ingredients but also gives two tricks on how you can get the most out of this baby! 

I picked the medium shade after vigorously testing the light and left with it feeling very happy, it blends well too. Looking at the applied picture you'd think this shade was far too dark for my skin tone, but once it's blended in you can't even tell I'd put anything on. Medium really does match my skin tone perfectly and it matches on my face even better than swatching on my hands! 

Many friends who have looked at this product of mine have said "What an earth is the white around it?" well that is the hydrator filled with apple seed extract and Vitamin E, which anyone who wants to look after their skin will know how well these work for the skin. I can say this slight balm really does do wonders and without it I think it wouldn't be as good as it's deemed to be; the concealer itself smooths the skin and lightly diffuses. Due to getting very little sleep each night 6 hours at the most usually, this hydrating concealer under the eyes works and treat and it lasts all day! My mouth may be yawning and I may be grouchy but my god are my eyes awake, all down to this little beauty.

But, yep there's but. For £18.50 could there be a cheaper concealer similar to this on the market? I'm not sure I'm going to be loving splashing out another £18.50 when this runs out, although I really do love the product for me personally I'm a saver when it comes to make up. Why spend more if a cheaper product does the same job? 

Benefit Fake Up Crease Control Hydrating Concealer £18.50 - link

What do you think to this product? Have you tried it or been tempted to?



  1. I really want to try this, sounds amazing! Great review, doll! XO



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