Toni&Guy Damaged Hair

(Left to Right: Toni&Guy Cleanse Shampoo £5.99, Toni&Guy Nourish Conditioner £5.99, Toni&Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask £7.19 - Boots)

For all you girlies with the damaged hair take a look at the "Damaged Hair" collection from Toni&Guy. Think the price is a little too extravagant? Well think again, currently Boots are offering a 3 for £12 on selected products across Toni&Guy and these beauties are included! 

Firstly this is a little review of the shampoo and conditioner, I started using these products the Sunday after I dyed my hair, the post is here. My hair was slightly dry but extremely damaged, I had shine but not umph to my hair; I've noticed after using these products for about a week my hair is becoming softer and the split ends seem to have masked into my hair slightly, they're still noticeable but not as noticeable if you get me? The scent is something I'm unable to describe, but it does make me want to go back to Toni&Guy in York to see my hair stylist Tilly, she'll probably shout at me because of the state of my hair! The texture is so soft and creamy, for me I felt like I could use a small amount of product and it would cover my hair completely unlike other products I've previously used where I've had to 'top up' my shampoo or conditioner to cover my hair. I can officially say with only a maximum of one week using these products, my hair feels much less damaged and I cannot wait to keep using this product! 

As you can see the packaging is very minimalistic with a hint of red. Something I love about Toni&Guy, they always seem to do well when it comes to packaging. Also they use a QR Code which when scanned comes up with some many different styles for you to try, something I may have to take advantage of! The texture is thick but light, and definitely doesn't feel heavy on the hair; following the guidelines, I've left this product on my hair fro 3-5 minutes as I'm a bit iffy that I've recently dyed my hair a temporary colour and don't wish for it to come out just yet! My hair has felt softer since one usage, but I'll do a more in-depth review about this towards the end of the month to give the product a chance to reconstruct my hair a little. If I hadn't have dyed my hair, I'd leave this on for up to an hour to really let it soak into my hair and do it's job. 

What products are you using for your hair? 



  1. I've just bought that mask and I love it! I bought a Toni and guy hairspray and serum with my 3 for £12 xx

    ide love if you checked my blog out x

    1. I've used the hairspray and serum but not from this range of Toni&Guy. They're products are amazing!



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