Today I Was Called

Four eyes. Yep that's right, I was called "four eyes." To be honest, it's not the fact I was called four eyes which annoys me, its that people are still being called this name for wearing glasses. There's nothing wrong with wearing glasses, if people can't see properly but the glasses help them then surely that's the better option?

For me personally, my glasses help me see both short and long distances. I'm quite happy to wear either pair of my glasses and the "four eyes" comment only makes me more confident to wear them. Previously I'd have been put off wearing them if I heard that comment, but for me it makes me realise there are cruel people out there; the more we let people hurt our feelings the more insecure we become. My glasses give me character, ever watched St. Trinians where the girl 'feel' smart because of them wearing glasses? Well that's exactly how I feel at times when I wear them, if that's not a confidence boost than I don't know what is!

To all the girls wearing glasses, don't ever let a small comment like that get you down. The people being hurtful or attempting to be hurtful do not deserve any satisfaction from their comments! I'd post a picture of myself wearing the glasses, but me and my naked face are not quite prepared for the internet just yet!

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  1. Quite right too! What a silly, childish comment! Take heart my dear, if the only thing they could come up with was four eyes you must be pretty flippin' fabulous!

    Kate x
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