Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer

 £5.99 Boots

Now we all know many beauty bloggers and even fashion bloggers are getting their hands on Rimmel London's Apocalips, so guess what after reading countless reviews and it appearing on my Weekly Sunday Wishlist - here, I bought a shade. Was it the shade I wanted? No. A little story what I have learnt by, even if a product is in the colour stand of Luna (for example) check the product before buying; I wanted Luna, swatched Luna, picked up a product from the Luna section and here we go, I come home to Galaxy. Having picked up the wrong shade I've learnt to always check before buying. 

So there's 8 different shades to the Apocalips collection condoned to be "Earth-shattering lip lacquer" which ties in nicely with the Apocalips space vibe for me. Adding to the space vibe is the shade names, my favourite name has to be "Big Bang" can you really get any more space-like? Seriously, it's great. Even down to the packaging, is it just me or does the lid remind you of a satellite/rocket with the straight-edge cuts? Whoever designs these needs a huge round of applause, even if I never used the product the packaging blows my mind; the gradient effect from the black to the product works well for me, I quite like cool designs like that. The stopper within the tube is amazing, I know it sounds like I'm really bigging this lip lacquer up but I'm only onto the packaging! The stopper really does stop any excess product going onto the sponged applicator, in the past I've noticed many brands haven't taken much notice of the stopper which leads to far too much product on the applicator making me/you look like a drag queen. (Don't mean to cause any offence to the drags here) 

Packaging aside, it's time for the product. The lacquer itself is highly pigmented, the colour really is outstanding - the swatch says it all. It's quite thick which for me I find ok not perfect but it's does get the ok mark, with it being quite thick I find the product glides on the lips quite smoothly, leaving behind a "satin smooth shine." Some have said it does need to be re-applied if you enjoy your drinks, would I say this is a con? I'm unsure, I haven't come across any lip product that sits on the lips once having a drink. One thing I must stress is if you are in a rush do not apply this product, it does stain and is a pain to get off especially when in a rush! Unless you want to go for the "I'm new to applying make up look." 

Hopefully I'll pick up the right shade next time, I still haven't got round to wearing this product properly yet as it's quite a gothic shade. With me always wearing black I don't think the plum lips will go well! Currently Boots are offering a 3 for 2 across selected haircare, No7, Rimmel and vitamins - grab them while you can! 

What do you think to the Apocalips range? 

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