L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Plum 316

Casting Creme Gloss Plum (316) £6.49 - Boots 

What's inside the box: Casting Creme Gloss, Casting Creme Gloss 316 mix, Casting Creme Gloss Conditioner, Professional Gloves, Bottle Nozzle. 
The final result! - So happy 

Although I've dyed my hair in the past plum has always had this effect on me, when I say effect I mean I love the colour. I've been plum previously and I had this new lease of confidence. Then I accidentally picked up a chestnut red colour hair dye, and bam that was it I'd ruined my hair. Gone was the confidence and there was the horrendous ginger, don't get me wrong ginger isn't a bad colour but this was horrible; my hair turned to straw and the only way out was to dye my hair again. I thought I'd go for XXL Red, and wow did it make my hair red. I'll post a photo when I can find one (but excuse the face, I was in slight 'chav' mode back then). To get rid of the red after  year of having red hair I decided to dye my hair chocolate brown, it lasted a night, seriously. My Dad dyed my hair one night and in the morning my hair was back to bright red, whatever we did we couldn't shift it. I had my hair dyed professionally a even darker chocolate brown close to black but it still didn't shift, so my Dad and I stripped my hair, boy was it a mess. I haven't put any colourants on my hair since 2010, last night was a huge deal for me, but I couldn't have been anymore happier than what I am right now. 

With no ammonia I didn't need to worry too much about my hair being overly powered with the chemicals, my hair in fact feels softer than it did when I was my natural colour . Sure it'll wash out in 28 days, but I can say I love the change. I just hope my boyfriend will do to (he doesn't know yet, it's a surprise for him.) My Dad's technique of dying my hair works, he puts it all over my head, as you do, but then really rubs it in until it's everywhere and until the bottle is complete squashed up empty! He's unsure if he likes it, but I'll admit when my Dad's getting up at 5:30am every weekday and didn't finish dying my hair until  9pm like he said he was tired and would rather see it in natural night. But one thing he did say on the phone today was, he felt rather funny when he stripped my hair, knowing he was the one to turn me ginger! 

Short post I know, but I was meant to have set off for college 10 minutes ago, oops! Boots are having an offer on this particular brand of dye (Casting Creme Gloss) 2 for £10 - complete bargain! 



  1. awwh your hair looks really good! the colour suits you:) lovely blog, now following!



  2. Hi Beth :)),

    You look great with this colour ;).
    I want to ask you, how long you had this color on your hair? Now, I´m wearing this color (plum) and I don´t want it :-D. It washed out completely?? Thank you so much for your answer ;-)))


  3. Hey!

    Ha thanks, it's definitely long gone now! I had it for around a month, and I stripped it with a Vitamin C paste (http://bethany-mariex.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/problematic-hair-colour.html). I used a lot of a hair products to keep the colour, but it didn't stay as vibrant x

  4. Thank you for a tip! ;-) I will try. Your hair look naturally after Vitamin C paste :)


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