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Hey! I haven't really spoken much about going to university and neither did my college really.. It seems when we're in secondary school every teacher screams "Go to college!" then when you're in college every teacher screams louder "Go to university!" Just a little question, please will you teachers stop shouting?

I've never ever felt so down about university and I'm not even there yet. My application has messed up, I didn't think about expanding my wings and going far out from home; I really wanted to apply for Epsom but the thought of living costs down south really made me panic. So I applied for places up north, now I feel like I've made a massive mistake. The only two uni's I really wanted to apply for were Sunderland and Epsom; I didn't have much heart in Leeds Trinity, Lincoln or Salford but being told at college we had to apply for 5 courses I did just that, applying for courses I didn't think too much about. 

I've been unsuccessful at Leeds Trinity and one course at Salford, I'm cancelling Lincoln, receiving a conditional offer from Sunderland (yey!) and a conditional from Salford (I applied for two courses). Now, here's the most ridiculous part, I'm not very smart I struggle with exams, in fact struggle isn't the word I sit there and panic, I get really sweaty hands and sometimes feel like I want to cry. I am what you call a nervous wreck when it comes to exams. My offer from Sunderland is to receive a minimum of 260 UCAS points from a minimum of two A Levels and Salford is to receive a minimum of 280 UCAS points from a minimum of three A Levels, want to hear the funny part? I only do two A Levels - English Language and Media Studies - my other course is a BTEC in Business. Now I have no idea how an earth I'm going to get these 260 points but I'm aiming to do so.

Picking Sunderland for my firm offer is what I had always planned to do, picking Salford as my insurance is just damn right stupid but it's my only option, if push comes to shove I'll apply for Epsom through Clearing. If that doesn't work, it's either another year at sixth form to get complete my Travel and Tourism A Level, pick up Sociology and either Physiology or World Development. 

The point in this post is, if you're planning on applying for university, sit down and think about it. If applying through UCAS which I believe everyone has to, you don't have to apply for 5 courses/universities, if you really want to you can apply for one then apply for more during the Track process. I wish I'd have looked into UCAS and university more, as what I'm going through is horrible. College's need to be more informative about university, instead of pushing uni down our throats teachers need to sit and speak to us. 

Have a lovely day! 

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