An Exciting Purchase!

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter £7.99 - Boots 

Today I did something rather exciting, I bought my first ever Revlon product (I should I say products?) After seeing the lip butter reviewed here by the lovely Kayleigh, I couldn't help but pop into Boots and convince myself to make this purchase. Now I originally did go into Boots with the idea in mind of buying the shade "Pink Lemonade", but the Boots near me don't seem to stock the new shades. 

So having a wander, seeing if there was anything of a similar shade elsewhere I kept getting drawn back to the Revlon counter; I found "Strawberry Shortcake", it was the last one and there wasn't even a tester for me to make a quick swatch. Me being me, because someone else was looking at the Revlon counter and gave me the death stare for picking this shade I held it ever so close to me and walked away, that was until she moved. Noticing the "Buy One Get One Half Price" offer I knew I had to find another shade. My boyfriend telling me on the phone "save your money, I'll buy you one for your birthday." Notice the use of one there? ONE I think not, "Tutti Frutti" was looking at me. I swatched it and instantly wanted it, never having had a red shade before it's really something special and new for me. 

These lip butters include, hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formulas. This is known to increase lip moisture, I didn't believe that so before writing the post I tested "Tutti Frutti" and my lips felt soft and no longer dry. The swatch isn't great, I'll admit my hand is covered in cream to keep away possible eczema; they glide on the lips nicely leaving behind a lovely little taste. Unlike my Kate Moss Matte Lipstick - here, which has recently started to sit on my lips, these Revlon lip butters seem to feel comfortable and have a nice wear to them. 

Hopefully, I'll decide which shade to wear tomorrow and be able to say they last a lot longer than my Kate Moss. But I still love my first lipstick, it will always be a firm fav. 

What shade comes next?  


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