A Recent Purchase

Yesterday I got a bit giddy and finally, yes I say finally bought something extravagant from my Weekly Sunday Wishlists' posts. Only an Apple MacBook Pro! Yes, yes I know it's crazy that I've gone out and bought one but I've wanted one for so long and finally feel proud of my little self for getting one; I can say I've never been so happy about a product I've spent so much on. I can't even think of purchasing a new laptop in the near future, this little thing is great even from the silent keys to the illuminated keys.

I know sooo many people have these but c'mon to all the people who like me want need a Mac do I need to push you anymore to dig deep into your purses to buy one? Firstly all PCs have stickers on them stating what software and the hard drive size on the laptop - does the Mac do this? No! It has such a sleek black and silver look to it, I've never been so impressed. The illuminated keys is fantastic, there's been times I've been up late with my bedroom light on working on college essays, with my Dad shouting through "Turn your light off!" because it's shining into his room, I can now turn my bedroom light out and still see my keys - to all us late nighter essay writers these keys are our new heros.

Unpacking the electronic product was like being a child at Christmas dying to have that new Barbie doll, then when getting it your eager to play with it but it just looks so god damn great in the box. That's exactly how I felt when looking at the box for the Mac, as much as I wanted to go on it the more I looked at the box and was in awe of the packaging. The cardboard box was nothing, but the chic MacBook Pro box now come on seriously? PCs would just be plonked into the cardboard box maybe the box wouldn't be plain but it wouldn't be as fancy (is that the right word to use?) as the Mac. Inside the white box is a cushion to protect the Mac and two slots for the cables, let me repeat that TWO cables. My HP had two cables but they were just thrown into the box, there wasn't a fancy slot and these two cables made one cable without the other the charger wouldn't work; however with these cables whether or not you choose to use the extra cable using the plug alone and the power adapter you can charge the Mac. Great eh?

If that doesn't tempt you, look at my pictures (below). You even get a little cloth in the shape of an envelope to clean the screen - great for people like me who seem to always follow words using my finger on the screen!


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