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Yesterday I met a friend in town, who's also called Beth and also has a boyfriend called Tom who happen to work in the same place. Quite strange eh? We went into town to find a new bag for her, and my god are we the same person when it comes to shopping, strolling around town going into all the different shops but doubling up on the same shop in a different location - TOPSHOP!

Now I've never been a fan of Primark, when I was younger my Dad would buy my clothes from there but as I've gotten older and purchased my own clothes Primark has been a shop for underwear, socks and tights nothing more. Yesterday my idea on Primark changed slightly, I'd been looking at a similar pair of shoes to what I bought in Primark in Topshop for around £28; I wondered to my little young self, why am I spending £28 on shoes when I could purchase them for £8 in Primark? For me, whether I spend £8 or £80 on a pair of shoes I will wear the sole to smithereens within a month - I walk so awkwardly it's untrue! So I purchased the £8 pair of shoes and I haven't had to use my plasters, the back is soft, the front is soft and unbelievably comfortable for new shoes. Maybe in future when I've spotted a nice pair of flats in Topshop I'll have a little search in Primark for them; that goes without saying Topshop is still my ultimate shop but Primark is creeping up there with some of the gorgeous dresses I saw yesterday!

What are your views on Primark? 


  1. I saw these myself the other day, they're lovely. I don't mind Primark. The only thing I really dislike about it is that things are sometimes a little too modern and not classic enough. But then I'm quite old!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. I'd just walked past them on a hunt for my friends shoes! I completely agree, I think they either do really out there modern clothes or really plain (sound so horrible now) old lady clothes.. You're not quite old!!


  3. want these! i know what you mean about primark though! i used to only buy tights from there because I get holes in them so easily - but recently the quality of certain things has got better so I reckon you have to have a search

    georgia x


    1. I actually went in for tights haha! I complete agree with you, a search is definitely needed in there!



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