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Once again it's another Sunday, another night of going to bed early and having to wake up early for college. Hang on, did I say go to bed early? Baa! I think not, 9 pm is Mr Selfridge and do not hate me, OH MY GOD TOWIE IS BACK ON ITV2 EVERYONE! I have waited so long, I've checked my TV guide every Wednesday and Sunday, but now it is back and I am ready to watch the beautiful face of Diags. Yes, I said Diags, not Mario or Joey Essex (they are nice looking) but Diags, he is uber beautiful and hilarious! Am I blabbering? Sorry, back to the wishlist..

Hand Boyfriend T-Shirt by Illustrated People - Topshop | The Tori Bag by Marc B - Topshop | MOTO Black Seamed Coated Leigh Jeans - Topshop | John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner Mask - Boots

Hand Boyfriend T-Shirt
Graphic tees have been and still are huge! But I've never been a fan, I'm quite the plain Jane but I'll admit this is exactly the top I'd be happy wearing. The grey and black contrast but similarity and baggyness makes it a t-shirt I'd love to wear, whether I'm slouching around the house or my boyfriends' or whether I'm going out shopping or to college. I think this top will be a purchase rather soon! 

The Tori Bag by Marc B
Now I'm a fan of bags, but I've been looking for the right bag recently. I'm quite bored of my Nica bag now, I still love it but there's room for one more bag I'm sure. The Tori Bag has a divider, which is exactly what I need in a bag if I'm using it for college, separating my dinner from my books; that's also a negative to it too, I'd love to have a bag what doesn't have a divider. One day I'll find the exact bag I want. 

MOTO Black Seamed Coated Leigh Jeans
I've already got a pair of black Leigh jeans, however they faded within one wash making them look like they're years old. Sure these have received their fair share of negative reviews, but who says I can't buy and try them out for myself? They feel so soft on the inside, you couldn't imagine there's a slight waxed coating on the outside. The waxed coating adds that rock girl look to any outfit, if you're looking for that one piece of clothing to change an outfit add these to your wishlist!

John Frieda Full Repair Depp
. My hair is at the end of it's wear if I put it bluntly, split ends here there and everywhere, the shine has gone, and it's in horrible, dry and damaged condition. At the first instant that money of mine hits my bank account I'll be purchasing this product, and possibly another deep intensive mask from the John Frieda range. Especially with the two for £8 being held at Boots! 

What's on your wishlist this weekend? 


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