Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick 101 £5.49 - Boots

The last time I tried lipstick it was by Barry M, I bought a lovely pale pink but on my lips it was bright orange. When I say bright, I mean bright it was horrid I never expected to be so unhappy about Barry M; it was also difficult to apply, it came off quite clumpy seemed to cling to any area of the lips which is chapped. I stayed well clear of all lipsticks, including Rimmel and they're my favourite high street make-up brand! 

Until recently, having seen a post about this particular lipstick here, I felt the need to try lipstick once more. I opted for a similar nude pink shade, I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to bright deep colours so this 101 shade is perfect. When applying the lipstick itself glides across the lips in a good way, there's no clumping and my constant chapped  lips are covered but also feel like I've glided lip balm across them. My lips feel smooth, and have a lovely slight pale pink shade to them, quite natural but also a stand out (as you can see in the last image, I'm quite pale myself and the shade is almost natural looking.) 

The red packaging gives it that glamorous look, especially with the signed "Kate" that gives it the rich element even though it's only £5.49! Complete bargain if you ask me and if you have a Boots Advantage card that's 549, and if not well.. You're missing out. 

I'm thinking it's time to up my game and maybe go for a different shade, possibly red (110).

What's your favourite lipstick? 



  1. oo this looks like it would look lovely!
    can we see a swatch please? :)

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  2. Such a lovely colour, definitely one you could easily wear in the day time xx


    1. I wear this all the time! Such a lovely shade, just doesn't seem to last as long any more :( xxx


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