Favourite products of 2016

2016 was a year for trying new and forgotten products, reading more books and reviving my love for all things Benefit. On the topic of books, #Girlboss was my all time favourite book to read, especially when lazing around the pool on holiday after climbing MontaƱa de Guaza. If you're yet to read it, I definitely recommend it!


Why 2017 is going to be my year

Last week I received some pretty shitty news in regards to a job I'd wanted ever since I can remember, probably from the age of three. What annoys me more, is that it isn't even a person who has told me I'm difficult at building relationships with others, therefore meaning I cannot pursue my dream career it is in fact a computer / robot; so because I don't fit the computers criteria that career path for now is well.. Over.


Monkey Park, Los Cristianos - Tenerife


It feels like forever ago since I headed off to Los Cristianos for a nice summer break, especially now with the freezing weather. It feels even longer since I was able to walk around the amazing Monkey Park, feeding the most adorable monkeys ever!
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